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Kim Kardashian’s Reading For The Law – Can She Really Pass the Baby Bar?

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Time goes by

Is the First Year Law Student’s Exam harder than the Real Bar Exam?

“Statistically, it’s way harder. I am an expert on reading for the law because I became a lawyer with no undergrad or law degree in the California State Bar Law Office Study Program. “LOSP”). Because I am an expert and think Kanye is a legit dude, I wanted to offer a few words of encouragement to this couple in their task. “Statistically, it’s way harder. I am an expert on reading for the law because I became a lawyer with no undergrad or law degree in the California State Bar Law Office Study Program. (“LOSP”). Because I am an expert and think Kanye is a legit dude, I wanted to offer this couple a few words of encouragement in their task.

Yes, if Kim is going to get through this, she will need her husband’s emotional support. If single, she could spend the required hours at the library and attend private tutoring necessary to pass the First Year Law Student’s Exam (“Baby Bar”). Being married makes it much harder to “do you,” as they say.

To pass the exam, she must be selfish with her time. She will have to pass the Baby Bar to be a lot like a warrior monk. Kim Kardashian West needs Kanye’s understanding and emotional support to get through this Herculean task.

Lucky for her, Kanye marches to the beat of his own drummer, just like her. My goal is to see that she passes the Baby and the Bar. Because if she does, she will encourage a whole new generation of free thinkers to become lawyers. In many ways, returning to the Abraham Lincoln method would be awesome.

Don’t Listen to Em Kim!

“During my time in the Law Office Study Program, I was told by people with college degrees that I’d never pass the bar, let alone make any money.” “How is a disabled Marine with no college gonna be a lawyer?” Lucky for me, my family and my new wife were very supportive. So I had my base!

You can do it, Kim! If I did it, so can you.

Let this list inspire you:

  • Passed the Baby Bar with no undergrad,
  • Passed the General Bar Exam with no law degree.
  • Became a Certified Law Student and co-chaired three jury trials.
  • Befriended and studied under some of the most prominent lawyers in the country.
  • Externed for a prominent appellate justice at the Court of Appeal.

I even hung out with Kardashian-West’s late father’s co-counsel, Johnny Cochran, at LAX. Johnny even signed my “In a Nutshell” “Remedies” book.

And to nail my detractors’ coffins shut, I became a highly successful personal injury and criminal defense lawyer. Now I run a successful law firm, volunteer time to consumer advocacy groups, assist disabled veterans in finding employment, and help teach less fortunate people how to pass the bar as a professor. How’s that Kim? You can do it!

Time to Get Working

Yesterday I wanted to blog about Kim Kardashian West’s new task. I was just too busy handling clients all day. You know, those clients all the college types said I would never have unless I went to college? Anyways, she sent shockwaves through both the legal and entertainment worlds yesterday by announcing her study towards the California bar. The reality star turned advocate plans a bar exam try in 2022, according to CNN.

Kardashian West benefits from a unique advantage in California’s legal licensing that allows individuals to take the bar exam should they meet several requirements. This path of reading the law is a time-tested and trusted method toward becoming a Golden State attorney.

The star announced her plan during an interview with Vogue Magazine. Kardashian is studying as an apprentice for the bar exam. With four years of law apprenticeship, she can take the exam. She believes that her efforts improve the existing pushes for legal reform.

Her high-profile partnership with President Trump is gaining significant traction both in the laws of the nation and also in the public eye. Go, Kanye!

Reading the Law: How it Works

The interesting turn of events also highlights the importance of reading the law as a means to become an attorney. Once a popular practice that allowed Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln to become attorneys, California is one of only a handful of states that still use the revered tactic.

Such a path to the bar is a valuable insight into why attorneys that study for the bar before achieving their JD are often more successful. Kardashian said that she is interested in becoming an attorney as a means to help wrongfully imprisoned individuals.

Having worked on Habeus Corpus Petitions while reading for the law, I wholeheartedly support her in this goal. Many prisoners cannot afford a great lawyer. Kim’s celebrity could help guys like me raise money to feed our kids still and work on these tough cases!

Such a noble goal has already paid dividends. Through her advocacy, President Trump aided several wrongfully convicted people. The highest profile case was that of Alice Marie Johnson, as the New York Times reported.

Represents Legal Victories

Kanye West also aided Trump and Kardashian’s efforts, representing a major step toward criminal justice reform. In fact, President Trump named April 2019 the First Step Act month, as reported by Fox News. Such a laudable effort highlights the President’s work with Congress to build a 21st-century criminal justice system.

Such an effort between the White House and prominent entertainment figures is already a great success. Kardashian West and Kanye West’s alliance with President Trump may go down in legal history as a major accomplishment and the start of a great trend toward fairer jurisprudence.

Considering Kim’s family history with the law, the sky is the limit. Her father was a high-profile criminal defense attorney. Kanye West is nearly legendary for his art and support of President Trump. Star power and now legal power fused into one for a cause larger than themselves.

Passing the bar is just one part of such a triumph. After all, considering the amazing work already accomplished over the last several years, by 2022, far more is on Kim K’s plate.

But passing the bar is not her mission. The mainstream press didn’t really discuss what she was facing. The Baby Bar has a much lower pass rate than the Bar. So it requires special help.

How Can Kim Pass the Baby Bar With no Law School?

It’s no walk in the park. When I took the Baby Bar, it had less than an 18% pass rate compared to the Bar’s 48% or so at the time. The Baby Bar is composed of contracts, torts, and criminal law.

To Pass, She will need:

  • PMBR CD roms, especially the series on contracts and criminal law.
  • BARBRI Large and Small Books (email me to learn more Kim.)
  • “Remedies, contracts, torts, and criminal law” “In a Nutshell Series.”
  • Paul Pfau, guru tutor.

In addition to studying under a lawyer who teaches her real-world solutions to real-world problems, she needs an excellent Baby Bar teacher. Paul Pfau will help Kim develop a system to study for and pass this problem-solving speed exam.

His issue clustering outlines and other materials are only part of it, though. He is also a life coach. He is exactly what you need when it seems the whole world is against you.

I hope this helped. If anyone is interested in attending one of my live video seminars or listening to an LOSP podcast, reach out to me at Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.