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Training and Education Requirements for California Lawyers

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2017, California had the highest number of employed lawyers of any other state in the country. During that time, around 79,980 lawyers were working, averaging a mean income of $166,200 annually, putting California second right after the District of Columbia in terms of the highest paying state for lawyers. Such statistics sound lucrative and might influence young individuals to pursue careers as personal injury attorneys, criminal lawyers, or in any… Read More »Training and Education Requirements for California Lawyers

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Short History of Becoming a Self Made Lawyer

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There are lawyers who may not get the respect they deserve, who have taken advantage of the law-office study program to become a legal professional, even though this is how lawyers were trained. This is not only a study program; the national trends raise the bar and particularly for reading the law there is specific expectations that must be adhered.  In almost every state the lawyers are regulated by the Supreme Court, rather than an executive branch of the state… Read More »Short History of Becoming a Self Made Lawyer

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California Bar Examination Statistics

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The California Bar Examination is one of the steps to becoming an attorney in the state and perhaps the most important. It is sometimes considered the most challenging exam in the country and has a high failure rate. Those that pass are often some of the best lawyers. The exam process is arduous but makes sure that only the most tenacious get through. There are several ways that a student can become qualified to take the bar exam. They can… Read More »California Bar Examination Statistics


Becoming an Attorney in California

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If you have decided to join the attorney ranks in California, there are several options out there for you to become admitted to the bar. While many follow the strict path of attending law school, it is not your only option. In fact, with proper wherewithal, you can make it work through a road that works with your schedule and lifestyle. Many attorneys become admitted to the bar after they have generally completed three years of law school and received… Read More »Becoming an Attorney in California