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Short History of the Cal Law Study Program

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The California Law Office Study Program is one that has given many people that did not have the opportunity or situation to attend a formal law school a chance to serve their fellow citizens. The program, administered by the California Bar Association, is a way to make sure that qualified individuals have another way to gain experience to take the bar examination. This is the path followed by respected Los Angeles injury attorney Michael Ehline and could be the option for motivated, intelligent individuals determining their career path.

With California Bar Association-approved law schools running in the near $40,000 plus annual tuition rate, practical experience in a law firm or judge’s quarters can be advantageous. California is one of six states that allow for such a practice. The path, governed by California state law, is one that allows students with hands-on experience to take the bar exam and enter into their employ ready. You are in business if you have a sponsor willing to work with you and offer semi-annual reports to the state bar.

This program has roots in similar practices dating back to before the Republic. Early attorneys like Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln were self-taught, studying the law with little formal training. This allowed for the most dedicated to rise up through the ranks and become effective fighters in the courtroom. In the case of Lincoln, the rest is history.

The current law allows for dozens of qualified candidates to get through the doors each year. Determined through the most recent set of California guidelines passed in 2007, you too can follow the footsteps of those that wish to make something of their life and not be restricted.