Law Office Study Question From China About How to Become a Lawyer With No Law School

Below is a recent e-mail I received from a student studying abroad in Communist China. I asked permission of the poster, Mr. Yerger, and will respond to the question in advance as follows:

Yes, so long as you have the equivalent of two years college, or take and pass the CLEP, you are eligible to read for the law in California. Whether or not the committee of bar examiners will accept an LLM from China is an open question. I would contact Nathalie Hope at the California State Bar.

Even if it is not acceptable, just purchase the CLEP crash course books and take the CLEP exams required for admission to LOSP. You should have no problem acing the CLEP with your high level of education.

Michael Ehline,

I had recently read your article on taking the Bar w/o having a JD.
I am currently living in China and have been for 4 years now. I have high level of Chinese language ( speak , read , write)and am studying for my LLM(in Chinese business Law) in Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). I am looking to do exactly what you have stated in your article.

I also have an opportunity to “read law” at a firm in Shenzhen, China that deals with WFOE, joint venture companies doing business in China.

In your opinion, obtaining a LLM from CUHK and “Reading law” you think will be enough to pursue the Bar? From your article, it seems so.

This Fast track in appealing to me, as i am 28 now and only recently became financially stable to work on these things.

Thank you for your time,

Jamon Yerger
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Just keep in mind that you will still need to clerk for four years UNDER A CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY, while you are reading for the law in California.
How to Become a Lawyer with no Law School.

The CLEP and Law Office Study

The CLEP is only required if you do not have the equivalent of a AA degree. At least when I took the exam those were the rules.

Follow Up On What Attorneys Teach Law Office Study in California

Thank you for reading my blog about how to become an attorney in California. I am receiving an inordinate number of calls from people asking where they can find a lawyer to teach them on the LOSP. Although my blog covers that, people still insist on telephoning me and it is getting out of control. Please be advised. Send e-mails, call law firms, and make it happen for yourself.

Learn self reliance and get your name out there. That is what I did. I wish you the best in your journey to becoming a lawyer without law school.