Edgar Wants to Be A Lawyer With No Law School or College

Below is a post from Edgar about becoming a lawyer with no law school in Illinois.

I have a high school but I want to go law school but I dont have no money and I have a kid on its way, but I seen your web site and it says no college neede how can I get started what do I need to be a criminal lawyer how can I get started or who can I talk too to know more about this? This is Edgar Martinez I live in chicago illinois please contact me at my email or call me at (Deleted)

My response is as follows: Edgar, I want to say that you are going to first need some basic English grammar and writing skills that are not present in your e-mail above to me.

Next, once you master basic English spelling and sentence structure, you will need to contact your state bar in Illinois and try and find out from them what their rules are.

How to Become a Lawyer with no Law School.

Michael Ehline

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